Toddler Chokes to Death After Mother Dies While Feeding Him (Video)

mother dies while feeding child

*No one could have seen this coming. It is beyond sad and devastating to a family. A woman friends have now identified as Erika Tomassian passed away suddenly while feeding her one-year-old boy.

But wait…

The child she was feeding also died. He choked on the food.

Police found them both in the woman’s Hollywood apartment; along with her dehydrated two-year-old son who had did his best to survive on his own, officials said.

Police responded to a call that described a child screaming inside an apartment located on the 1600 block of N. Fuller Avenue at about 3 p.m. Monday. It was then that the bodies were discovered.

A spokeswoman with LAPD described a woman in her 40’s and her one-year-old son. And said a second, older boy in the home was found alive and taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

Other reports have stated that the children had been adopted by the woman, who is Australian and worked in marketing at 7 Stars Productions. According to the spokeswoman, the older boy will return to the foster care system via placement by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). 

Investigators are looking into the woman’s death and have ruled the one-year-old boy’s death as accidental, the spokeswoman said.

Officials had not released the identity of the deceased before notifying the family, but as mentioned previously mentioned, Tomassian was identified by friends.

The boys were biological brothers, neighbors reportedly said.

The new mother had not been feeling well and sought medical attention and was ultimately diagnosed with bronchitis, ABC7 reported.

It was a neighbor who knew the woman had been ill that decided to check on her. But when his attempts were unsuccessful, and he heard a child crying inside the apartment, he called 911, according to ABC7. Tomassian was reportedly found near the foot of her one-year-old boy’s high chair.

The boy had been strapped in to the chair and appeared to have choked on food his mother had been feeding him when she died, ABC7 said. The pair reportedly may have been dead for two days before they were discovered.

Watch the infinitely sad video report directly below.


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