This is America, Folks. And Immediate Wealth Can Happen to You!

Jackpot winner
Julie Leach just won $310.5M in Michigan’s Powerball jackpot!

*Just ask Michigan factory worker, Julie Leach. After she recovers from shock that is. Leach just found out she won Michigan’s Powerball jackpot, worth $310.5 million dollars!

Leach will probably be the first to tell you how much she hates her “nasty, dirty” job. But the 50-year-old supervisor at a Michigan fiberglass factory can now tell her boss to ‘talk to the hand’, the one that holds her winning ticket.

The grandmother of eleven is understandably in “disbelief” over the prize. She admits had been having a “bad night” at her third-shift job and took her lunch break during which she checked the numbers on her Powerball ticket while waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

She didn’t even front. She couldn’t get back to work fast enough…to quit, that is. 

Leach accepted the lump sum payment of $197M ($140M after Uncle Sam gets his), she is going to take care of her family by ensuring they are never without a place to live.

She will have homes built in Michigan for her and her partner of 36 years, their three children, and 11 grandchildren.

This Powerball jackpot win is Michigan’s second-largest lottery prize.

I can just feel the grin on the ‘face of the store’ that sold her the winning ticket all the way over here.

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