Sayonara Baby! Man Gets Fired After Online Racist Jokes Erupt from Selfie (Video Update)


*There is a time to be ‘cute’ and there is a time to use your damn head. “Geris Hilton” did neither one.

And today he is out of a job.

Now the one smart thing Hilton did try to do, was use a fictitious name on his Facebook account, but he obviously forgot to use a fictitious face, because his employer, Polaris Marketing Group, apparently recognized him and took immediate action.

“Hilton” worked at the company until the employer learned of the selfie (followed by racist comments) that he had posted on Facebook on September 16.

Said photo was a selfie (Scroll down) of Hilton at work, with the adorable son of a now former co-worker named Sydney.

The little boy is black. 

Racist jokes

While the first thought one might have upon looking at the photo is, “Oh, how cute!” as you read the comments you realize this is as racist as it gets. Hilton and his friends have a round-about on the FB platform using Cayden, real name of the little boy, as the butt of their racist jokes that imply he is a slave and Hilton, his slave master. 

As racism has become the newest out-loud trend, its no surprise the photo has gone viral. The only ‘saving grace’ in this instance was a little piece of paper that just happened to be pink.

Take a look at some of the posts. 

“I didn’t know you were a slave owner,” said Emily Irene Red. According to the tweet below, she too, has since been fired. 

“Send him back dude those f–kers are expensive,” another Facebook user, by the name of Dylan Kleeman, reportedly wrote. 

“But Massah I dindu nuffin,” Baron O’Malley wrote, according to AtlantaBlackStar.

But one of the best ways to fight racism is by putting another color is the mix: Green. And proving that no employer in their right mind, whose name has been put ‘out there’ is going to sit back and wait until their business becomes affected, the president of Polaris Marketing Group let folks on Facebook know that the name “Hilton” is now past-tense in his company.

And so has a company called, YourEDM; who learned that one of its employees (perhaps that first by Emily) was having a little racist fun too on social media. Can you spell Buh-bye? See their message below, and the black & white color should not escape you.

Racist jokes2

And the mother of the little boy thrust in the middle of all this, Sydney Jade, expressed her thanks to supporters on social media. She created the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden which makes it clear that this cutie is a real person, not an object to make fun of.

See “Sydney’s Post” pictured directly below.

“When people hear about him, these are the picture [sic] I want them to know about. Not that disturbing image and its comments,” Sydney wrote.

Racist jokes3


UPDATE: The man who posted the selfie of himself with the child of a former co-worker has been identified. His name is Gerod Roth, but he goes by the online alias of Geris Hilton. And now it is HE who feels like a victim.

Roth is now talking to the media in response to the posts created online and how he was fired as a result. The photo below shows him looking at the racist comments that followed his Facebook post.

racist jokes4

 “I just really feel upset, not only with myself, but also the character that was based off the comments that my friends had made. Cayden has been victimized but I have been targeted,” Roth told FOX 5.

The post, which has since been deleted from Facebook, was obviously hurtful to Cayden’s mother, Sydney Shelton. The mother of 3-year-old Cayden Jenkins saw her child being called “Kunta Kinte” (the slave name of a character from ‘Roots’) other crude remarks.

In the video (Scroll down), Roth tells the reporter that he always thought of Shelton, his co-worker, as a “personal friend.” But Shelton tells FOX 5 she didn’t even realize Roth had taken a picture with her son, not to mention using it as a profile shot on Facebook, without her permission.

Roth, who doesn’t sound like he used his head at all in this whole thing, claims he didn’t think she would mind.

“People post things in a jokingly manner and it gets taken a completely different way but I don’t believe any of these people were joking,” Shelton said. But she is glad the issue has gotten the momentum it has, and brought attention to the #HisNameIsCayden movement. She said people from all over the world are reaching out and showing support and Polaris Marketing Group, her employer, is accepting gifts for Cayden, whose 4th birthday is later this month.

“He is not a deaf child. He is not mute. He has never been abandoned. He is a well-loved, fun-loving, hyper-active and typical three-year-old,” Shelton said in response to comments made on the post.

Roth did email an apology to Shelton. But according to what the mother told FOX 5, she hasn’t found the words to respond at this time. And even added, the apology didn’t seem sincere.

Editors Note: The photo itself was racist, it was the comments that erupted upon seeing the photo that turned what could have been an innocent picture into something ugly. Roth, who made one comment that he now regrets, could have nipped the whole thing in the bud, and if he had, it would have changed the whole ending.

With the statement being the photo alone is not racist (since when is a picture of people of different races racist?), what do you think he could have said after seeing the first racist comment online to change the ending.

Watch Gerod Roth speak to FOX 5 in the video below.

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