Parents of Bullied Boy Who Committed Suicide, Sues Florida School District

Suicide of Florida Boy

*In an absolutely heartbreaking story about the effects of bullying, a young Florida boy took his life as a result of being bullied at school. Now the parents are suing the school and the school board because they say it did not do enough to protect him. And since his suicide, other parents have come forward to report their children’s experiences.

Lamar Hawkins III, 14, committed suicide in the bathroom at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Lake Mary. Later it was learned that the gun he used, belonged to his father, Lamar Hawkins, Sr.

The boys family reported him missing when he wasn’t at the usual place his mother would pick him up at. And hours had passed since a student had reported finding shells from a bullet in the bathroom; yet no one at the school followed up.

The young boys body was found at 11 p.m. by police who say he had shot himself in the head.

Lamar’s family offered that the boy stood only 4 feet 5 inches because of health issues, and said this made him an “easy target” for being bullied.

His mother said he was sending a message by killing himself at the school.

A report released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in February said the boy’s father kept the 40-caliber pistol locked in a gun box in his bedroom closet.

The day Lamar shot himself, his father mistakenly grabbed his wife’s keys when he left the house — leaving the key to the gun box at home.

Lamar didn’t leave behind a suicide note.

Lamar Hawkins, III
Lamar Hawkins, III

His family is suing the Seminole County School Board, alleging negligent supervision, negligent failure to adequately discipline bullies and negligent failure to supervise and account for Lamar’s absence before his death.

“We know that just days before he took his life at school that he was literally slapped out of his chair during an altercation,” Morgan said at a news conference Monday.

“He took his life at school to send a message, and the message was clear,” Morgan continued: “‘These bullies drove me to this point so I will commit this act on school grounds so that they know they did this to me.'”

After dozens of interviews, Sheriff’s Office investigators found that Lamar and his twin sister were picked on and called names.

The school has refused to comment as of this writing.


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