Health: You Could Possibly Have A Hidden Illness If Any of These Symptoms Show Up


*I don’t know about you, but whether I choose to listen or not, my body always tells me when something is wrong. Why one would not choose to listen may seem to be the dumbest thing of all. But we don’t always use good sense. You notice say “common” sense.

Keeping it real though: When my body talks, I always listen. And you should too because its the only body we have. And you never, ever, commit to a defeatist mindset that makes you not care about your body.

With this in mind, here are 7 warning signs that your body screams out, to show you that something might be wrong.

1. Yuk! Recognize this?


Your nails look like a pen cushion.

If your nails have little white nicks and gouges—almost like an icy surface that’s been scraped up—those “pits” may be a sign of the skin disease psoriasis. While you probably think of skin rashes and irritation when you think of psoriasis, pitted nails affect between 80% and 90% of patients with the condition, concludes a study from Dermatology Research and Practice. In fact, some people experience nail issues before there’s any sign of a skin problem, the study authors say.

2. The constant hiccups


…And they won’t go away.

Even holding your breath won’t make those hiccups disappear. If those hiccups persist for 48 hours or longer, a study from Taiwan reveals it could be a sign of lung or esophageal cancers, or stroke! Your central nervous system controls hiccupping, and brain issues and some types of cancer affect that system.

3. Got a craving for some…ice?



Gotta have ice…NOW?

Wow! You could be anemic because of an iron deficiency, according to a study from the American Journal of Medicine. A hankering to eat ice—a type of “pica,” which is a desire to eat non-food items—may be linked to the tongue pain or swelling that can occur when someone’s anemic. The research found that 44% of anemia patients crave ice.

4. Have an urge to steal?

Woman stealing food

Now this is downright unfathomable! But yep, it too is a craving.

All of a sudden you feel like swiping stuff. Some gum at the gas station, that eyeliner pencil at the drug store. May seem harmless but it could also be an early sign of a particular type of dementia, research from JAMA Neurology shows. This form of dementia compromises the part of your brain that helps you recognize societal rules and conventions—hence your sudden disregard for the law, the study authors say.

5. AGAIN?!!!…A constant urge to pee

urinary tract infections-frequent urge to urinate

Didn’t I just go?

Well, yes. But since when does that matter. Frequent urination is a common early symptom of type 2 diabetes, shows a study from Wake Forest University. When your kidneys struggle to manage blood sugar, they try to get rid of some of the extra sweet stuff via your pee. And since you’re peeing more, feeling dehydrated is another early symptom of diabetes, the study shows.

There are at least 4 more signs you should check out. And for goodness sake, please don’t ignore them!!!

You’re welcome.


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