Study Reveals White People Think Black People Are ‘Superhuman’


*You ever read something and it just hits you like home?
No matter how crazy it may sound, it makes sense to you. That may be the feeling that many black folk come across as they keep reading.

I, for one, knew there was some reason the hatred and animal brutality shown in all of those slave movies seemed surreal. Its as if “Massa” expected the Big Black Buck he just decapitated to simply get up and walk away, as opposed to being really dead.

And maybe that is why white cops so easily shoot and kill black men (and manhandle black women) today. According to a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science , white people believe blacks are “superhuman.”

I kid you not. And if you are white and reading this, you might want to get over yourself long enough to finish the article.

Labeled as a “super humanization bias,” the researchers say whites are quicker to associate blacks than whites with superhuman words like ghost, paranormal, and spirit. They are more likely to think a black person (as opposed to a white person) has certain superhuman abilities; and that the more they think blacks are superhuman, the less they view black people as having a capacity to feel pain.

Think back to those movies, y’all. Better yet, think back to Eric Garner and Mike Brown. 

The researchers came to this analysis during a series of five studies using implicit association tests where words are flashed on a screen quickly enough to “prime” a subject with their meaning so they can consciously understand what they have seen.

Though the authors of the Study say more work is needed, they do suggest that this super-humanization bias may help explain why black patients are under-treated for pain, for example, or why “people consider black juveniles to be more ‘adult’ than white juveniles when judging culpability.”



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