Denmark Promotes ‘More Sex’… More Kids…’Do it For Mom’ Ad (Watch)


*Spies Travel in Denmark wants Danish citizens to have more sex. And because they believe that travel inspires intimacy (they swear research backs this up!) the real deal is they are attempting to boost the country’s low birth rate. To help this along they created an amusing new ad with a step-by-step guide.

And they don’t just want you to “Do it for Denmark,” the new inspiration is, “Do it for Mom.”

And who doesn’t want to see mom happy?

The premise may leave a lot to be desired but the two-and-a-half-minute spot paints a clear picture in a fun, comedic visual style with a clear call to action: Moms who want their grown children to have babies can take advantage of the “Spies Parent Purchase” and send their child on an active holiday—so they can finally have the grandchild they’ve always wanted.

No blurred lines there.

This isn’t the agency’s first go-round, I hear there a memorable ad from 2014 floating around too.

Here’s their latest inspiration.

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