Man Sentenced to 20 Years in One Court, Then Leaves to Marry Girlfriend in Another

Gregory Howard2

*Gregory Howard is not letting his new prison sentence get in the way of his love life. He is thinking ahead. Directly after receiving a sentence of at least 20 years in prison for assault and robbery in one Pennsylvania courtroom, he traded his orange jumpsuit for an outfit decent enough to get married in and walked to another courtroom to say, “I do.”

With no time to invite friends and family, the nuptials were witnessed by five deputies and the brides baby.

According to the TribLive News, the Monessen man was sentenced Thursday in Westmoreland County Court for the assault and robbery of 91-year-old Frances Tekavec in a home invasion. 

Prosecutors claim the Monessen man and two other people deceived the woman by pretending to deliver furniture. According to witnesses they took $13,000 and jewelry and left the woman tied and bound on her bed.

Howard, who represented himself in court, closed his argument with references to Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.

Needless to say, Judge Rita Hathaway was far from amused.

When that didn’t fly, and she sentenced him to at least 20 years in prison, he was mum. As in no words.

Obviously the man has quite an imagination. Perhaps that will serve him well in jail…in between conjugal visits, of course.


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