You Muther Phubber! Get Off Of Your Cell Phone!

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*Are You A Phubber?

With our ever-increasing affection for mobile “phones” — and they ARE so much more than phones now, aren’t they? — a new verb has arisen: “phubbing.” It’s been defined as the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention to the person you’re with.

I’ve been there. On both sides of that muther phubber. But increasingly, both sides are driving me nuts. And I’m not alone — has my back.

The site offers posters for free download, some of which would be great for restaurants, coffee shops and the like. They feature messages like “While you finish updating your status, we’ll gladly serve the polite person behind you” and “Attention Phubbers: No Tweeting, No Facebook, No Instagram, No Foursquare, No Sexting. Respect the food, the music and the company you’re in.”

It also offers a space where you can upload a photo of the phubbing friend you’re with (don’t forget to post it to Instagram, Facebook et al while you’re there) and  “Disburbing Phubbing Facts”, including:

-The average restaurant will see 36 phubbing sessions per dinner hour.

-97% of people reported their food tasted worse while being the victim of phubbing.

-92% of repeat phubbers go on to be politicians.

-87% of teens would rather communicate via text than face-to-face.

-The majority of phubbers use their mobile phones to make a status update, text someone better than you, purchase music, Google Chuck Norris (!), play games, search for a laundromat, and “LOL” at a joke that isn’t yours.

The site also features a global map to illuminate places where phubbing has “infiltrated polite society”. Not surprisingly, the top 2 cities in the world are New York and Los Angeles, respectively. Other worldwide offending cities include Chicago, London, Paris, Mexico City, and Toronto.

The website offers a “phubbing intervention” letter than can be downloaded and sent to offending friends. It also presents the three occasions when phubbing is NEVER acceptable:

-During a job interview

-During a date

-At a wedding

Elton John’s husband didn’t get THAT memo, as the site includes photos of “celebrity phubbers” including one from the couple’s wedding that you have to see! Other funny phubbing photos include one of Jay Z on his phone while at a game with Beyonce.
I think I’m going to download the intervention letter today. I can come up with a half-dozen or so people that might benefit from that — and it wasn’t a bad reminder for me.

This article was written by freelance writer Michael P. Coleman. He likes it when people follow him — in a non-stalkery, Twittery kind of way.

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