Woman Found Shot Dead After Posting Picture of Boyfriend Aiming Gun at Her

boyfriend aimed gun at her

*I so hate to say this but, damn, maybe someone should have taken this picture more seriously. Though its hard to decipher, the photo above appears to be of a woman being fired at.

A photo (shown more vividly below), was allegedly posted by the woman, and is said to show her “boyfriend” pointing a gun at her. But unless some kind of lighting is affecting the picture…again, it looks like the gun is actually going off.

Hours later she was found dead from a gunshot wound.

Her name is Stephanie Hernandez and she is a 21-year-old mother. She lived in Arkansas and at the time these frightening photos were taken, she and her boyfriend, Rafael Gonzalez were in the midst of moving in to a new house together.

That was on Sunday.

The family of Stephanie Hernandez told media they are still struggling to come to terms with her death.

Hernandez is also said to have posted a photo showing bullets and ammo, along with the picture of Gonzalez aiming a gun at the back of her head, as shown below.

Police say they found her dead with a gunshot wound; her house was “ransacked,” and the floor was covered in blood.

The photo uploaded by Hernandez to Snapchat.
The photo uploaded by Hernandez to Snapchat.

According to local media reports Gonzalez, 20, has been apprehended and is being charged with the woman’s murder.

The relationship between the two is said to have been “on and off,” at least according to what one family member who remains unnamed, told KATV.

But Rey Hernandez, Stephanie’s uncle, told ArkansasMatters.com that “It’s hurting. It’s hurting all of us. We need closure and we don’t know what’s going on. She left two beautiful daughters behind and now they won’t see her.”


The young mother is also survived by a three-year-old and a eight-month-old, who is in the care of a family member. No word on whether Gonzalez fathered these children.

What a horrible, horrible occurrence. I pray for the family and hope they learn the details that will give them some kind of closure.






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