Mexican Politician Suggests ‘Lethal Injection’ To End Homeless Problem

homeless should be put down by lethal injection
Olga Gutierrez Machorro

*Well this certainly won’t help change the abrasive attitudes around the immigration issue here in the states. And its definitely not a good look for someone calling themselves a politician. But apparently Olga Gutierrez Machorro, a Mexican Councillor and member of the local government in Tecamachalco, Mexico, thinks the solution for the homeless problem — in her country at least — is murder.

More aptly put, she suggests they be killed by lethal injection.

Needless to say, people are outraged.

She then added that it would be “kinder.”

According to reports Machorro exact words were:

“Yes they’re a little crazy, but they’re harmless. Which is why I think to myself wouldn’t it be kinder to just give them a lethal injection?”

Ironically, the woman who many probably wouldn’t trust to lead them to the restroom, also heads the Vulnerable Groups Commission under which assisting the homeless and disadvantaged falls.

Her ludicrous remarks were made during an interview with Cambio, a local paper. They were allegedly prompted by her allegation that the Tecamachalco government, headed by led by Ines Lopez, lacks sufficient resources to take care of the growing homeless problem.

Adding insult to injury, she stated rather matter-of-fact that these “beggars” are already being murdered unofficially because El Batan, the local psychiatric facility, takes the “un-aggressive” people and sets them out on the highways at night, where they are run over by cars that also cause accidents that risk the lives of others.

The Councillor has even offered her own home to the homeless for short stays.

Totally baffling.


3 thoughts on “Mexican Politician Suggests ‘Lethal Injection’ To End Homeless Problem”

  1. This woman is murderous and not only needs to be removed from public office but should be put in prison. She is a danger to society. Investigations should be conducted to find out if this is true about the homeless people being put on freeways to be hit. If this is true then all the people involved should be tried for the most horrible form of contemplated murder. Rise up people and get rid of this dangerous woman.

  2. They are in Mexico. There will be no rising up. This is more than likely normal thinking among them.

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