Acts of Kindness Have No Color…Black Woman Helps Soothe Crying Baby on Plane


*One mother is no-doubt singing the praises of a kind woman who took pity on her when she boarded the plane with a tired, hungry and cranky baby. And the beauty of it is the women were of two different races. Surely the day will come when such a mention will be considered weird. But in these race-conscious times, today is not that day.

Traveling with an infant presents its own share of challenges. This is something any mother knows. And on a plane, unlike a bus or train, where there is no escape if a baby gets fussy, its added pressure because unkind eyes from unsympathetic people are generally par for the course.

So when Rebekka Garvison boarded her Spirit Air flight from Chicago to Atlanta last week, she unfortunately witnessed this first hand.

It was a quiet flight too. And Garvison realized this as soon as she got on. So when she took her assigned seat next to a couple, she could already feel the tension. They did not look happy to have baby Rylee sitting with them. So when Rylee started to cry, almost immediately, Garvison moved up two rows, where there were two empty seats instead of one.

But Rylee kept crying despite her mother’s efforts to calm her.

When Nyfesha Miller​, a black woman who was seated next to her saw what was happening, she asked if she could help and took the baby into her arms.

As soon as she did, little Rylee stopped crying. By the time the flight took off, she was sound asleep in the stranger’s arms. Miller, who said helping the mother “wasn’t a problem,” went even further and carried the child off the plane while Gavin collected her belongings.

An extremely grateful Gavin shared her appreciation in a Facebook status and openly shared with Miller that she will “never understand how happy this act of kindness has made my family. You could have just rolled your eyes and been irritated like everyone else, but you took her and held her the entire flight and let me get some rest and peace of mind.”

Apparently the online community agrees. The post has already received over 600 likes, almost 200 comments and nearly 90,000 shares.


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