Is ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Facing Jealousy Issues From His School…The Media?

Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed

*It’s a legitimate question. Apparently it wasn’t enough that Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim student who brought his makeshift clock “invention” to school in a briefcase, was humiliated and arrested because officials suspected it was a bomb; then freed when they found out it wasn’t. His mere existence is still causing fingers to move on keyboards across America.

Envious heads turned like someone possessed when Mohamed was invited to bring his “cool clock” to the White House. And now, seething in the fact that the MacArthur High School student hasn’t been sitting at home twirling his thumbs and suffering from depression since he walked away from the Irving, Texas campus,  The Dallas Morning News  is reporting that “according to Texas school officials,” the 14-year-old has a folder this thick showing he has been a discipline problem since way back.

Why don’t they leave this kid alone? 

No worries though. Mohamed ain’t thinking about his hater. Last message he left is he’s out of the office until further notice. The teen is said to have gone on a grand tour of the U.N. earlier this week. And soon, he and his family will board a private jet to Qatar where he will be treated like royalty.

Now that should give the haters a real headache.

But back to the jealousy issues.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Mohamed’s discipline problems earned him “weeks of suspensions” from school for doing things like playing pranks on classmates, disrupting classrooms, and tinkering with a classroom projector.

And then, the ultimate evil: Mohamed’s Sudanese Muslim activist father actually refused to sign a form sent by the school asking permission to discuss their son’s discipline problems with the media.

The nerve!

Guess they didn’t need the form signed after all. Apparently, the haters won’t rest until Mohammed’s reputation is mush. Arrested on “the day after Sept. 11” — that sounds much scarier than just saying September 12,  reports now claim he showed his invention i.e. clock to as many as 6 teachers until one teacher finally gave him the reaction he was looking for.

Oh. Was that the teacher who told him not to show it to anyone else? And here we were led to believe this teacher was the first…and last! (The clock was actually discovered while the kid was in a class and the alarm went off).

Now, according to reports, police claim that the student was “not forthcoming” when he was asked about the clock and why he brought it to school.

Was this before of after he was manhandled and handcuffed, I wonder.

Yet they say he was very forthcoming with the news media who showed up outside police headquarters within minutes.

It appears the Mohammed family’s busy schedule has prevented them from returning to the police station to pick up the clock that started all this. And police have been waiting.

And waiting.

The haters are going to have to keep hating or move on because, if Ahmed is globe-trotting on a wave of newfound stardom, his return might take a while.

4 thoughts on “Is ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Facing Jealousy Issues From His School…The Media?”

  1. This so racist!! If they thought it was a bomb where’s the footage of the school being evacuated? Students and faculty being hurried out as the fully geared bomb squad rushes in position? Disgusting!!!!!!

  2. Qatar is a fantastic country !

    With a World Class Science Center.

    Why would Admed’s family ever return to America ?

  3. This kid is a piece of shit. His family is subhuman garbage. Anyone who offered him kindness should be deported or imprisoned. The author of this article is a piece of shit. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you.

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