Black Students Rally in Defense of White Teacher Who Used N-Word in Class

Teacher, Lynne Pierce

*Black and white students alike are rushing to the defense of their history teacher, Lynne Pierce, who has come under scrutiny for using the N-word while creating a “For example” situation. One of the students got offended and went to the principal’s office.

I know these are racially-charged times. But I swear…

It is times like this, in this particular instance, that I am reminded of how important the use of Discernment is.

The incident took place at Heritage High School in Newport News, Virginia and the teacher, a white woman, has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is being done.

According to one student, Pierce used the racial epithet while talking about racism and discussing the use of derogatory names.

Pierce says a student asked her why some people object to the Washington Redskins football team’s name. She responded by comparing the name to a hypothetical sports team’s name, transposing the name using the N-word.

According to Pierce, the administration placed her on leave at the end of the school day because of a student took offense.

Newport News Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Price said in a statement that officials are investigating the matter.

In the video below, an African American student gives nothing but praise to the teacher and explains that Pierce was simply using the term to demonstrate a racist mindset.

Watch the video report below. Do you think the teacher deserves another chance or was the school correct in placing her on leave?


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