White Man Shoots Himself ‘Down There’ and Blames it On Black Man


*Some people will apparently go to painful extremes to blame a black man for just about anything. Are you ready for this example? A man, Caucasian, actually shot himself in his genitalia, and later told the police some black guy that was attempting to rob him as he took the trash out of his apartment did it.

He’s in jail now…for telling a bold-faced lie.

Forty-three year old Donald Anthony Watson, a convicted felon from South Dakota, was taken into custody after police say he lied about how he wound up in the emergency room. Unable to corroborate his version of events after searching his apartment and speaking with neighbors, officers found no signs of a struggle. Only blood, bullet shells and an empty gun case.

A witness at Watson’s apartment complex told police that he heard screams of pain coming from Watson’s apartment around 1 a.m..

The lie was eventually revealed by Watson himself. He told officers that he had put a handgun he had been thinking about purchasing in his pocket, and it accidentally went off, striking him in his genitals.

But since Watson refused to tell police where the gun was after the accident and who he was purchasing the weapon from, he is being held solely responsible for all criminal charges related to the gun.

Because he is a convicted felon, he is being charged for weapons violations and being in possession of a handgun. Additionally, he is charged with making a false report of a crime and false report of information to law enforcement.

Meanwhile, doctors expect his balls to make a full recovery.

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