Spider Scares Man About to Pump Gas…So He Grabs His Lighter to Kill It…Uh-Oh! (Watch)

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*Hey, there is not a person out there who has not been caught looking like a straight up fool doing crazy things upon seeing a spider. I have seen grown ass men jump on furniture, and women run screaming out of the room when the critters appear. But this dude’s actions not only takes the cake, he buys the whole bakery. What would possess this man to grab a LIGHTER and try to burn the spider he sees on the gas pump he is about to use? SMH.

A lighter…Seriously dude?

Of course everything went ablaze in seconds. It started out like this (see picture below)…


Then went to this (see picture below)…


All I can say is that this man was truly protected. He must’ve done his share of good deeds in some lifetime or another because he escaped injury. He was able to move his car from the fully-engulfed pump and grab a fire extinguisher to put out his big Oops (See picture below).


Susan Adams, the employee on duty at the Center Line gas station in Michigan on Tuesday, is to be commended for keeping her cool. According to  WJBK-TV, she quickly activated the pump’s kill switch and called the fire department.

The man, for sure feeling like a complete idiot, did admit to having a highly unusual scare of the critters.

Fortunately only that one pump was destroyed. Even the man’s car  pretty much escaped injury. And the gas station’s insurance is expected to pick up the tab, WJBK said.

As you can imagine, a LOT of folks, including other employees at the gas station, are still getting laugh mileage outta this one. Especially since there were no injuries. And in this day of everybody suing everybody, dude is incredibly lucky that the gas station is not holding him accountable financially for his bad judgment.


Watch the WJBK-TV news report in the video below. Hysterical!

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