The (Four?) Benefits Of Sleeping Naked


*Only about eight percent of Americans doze off naked, but according to the Huffington Post, many more of us should jump on that train. They say there are four major benefits to sleeping au natural.

I’ve always thought that writers at the Huffington Post must be smarter than I am — it IS the Huffington Post, after all! — but this article sealed it for me. Off the top of my head, and after thinking long and hard, I could only come up with one benefit to sleeping in the buff. So let’s go to school with the Huff Post and learn a little something.

First, they say you’ll sleep better. It seems that the clothes hinder the body’s ability to cool off and achieve an optimal temperature for sleep, causing tossing. turning and restlessness through the night. Sounds reasonable.

Second, they say that if you sleep with a partner, the skin-to-skin contact can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress levels, and generally make you happier. This one knocks on the door of the benefit that I came up with, but let’s stick with the Huffington Post for now.

Next, it seems that sleeping naked gives you the chance to air out the groceries. Sleeping in clothes creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. It seems to me that a good ol’ fashioned bath every once in a while could prevent bacteria from “thriving”, but maybe that’s just me.

Finally, and here they’re knocking on the door of the benefit that I came up with, the Huff Post posits that sleeping in the buff might make you fall harder for your partner. They cite a 2014 poll of about 1,000 married people, and found that naked sleepers are more content in their relationships. 57 percent of naked sleepers reported being content in their relationships, versus only 48 percent of those who wore pajamas. A stark 15 percent of those who wore onesies said they were content.

‘Cause guess what? In a onesie, it’s hard to get all up in there! I only wear my Superman onesie — don’t judge — when I’m watching a movie or chilling. There are two purposes for a bedroom, and neither are served by keeping everything all shrouded.

MY perceived benefit to sleeping naked?  You get more! Jermaine Stewart may not have had to take HIS clothes off to have a good time, but I certainly get luckier with my partner when I’m nekkid. And you may trust and believe I’m more “satisfied in a relationship” when I’m hitting it.  Even the Huffington Post admitted, buried in their article, that naked sleepers MIGHT have more sex.


And guess what? when you sleep naked and get some action, you’ll sleep better (I always pass out immediately afterward…TMI?), you’ll be happier (IF your partner did it right…I’m certainly a lot happier after I tag it), and your bits will get a little bit of air.

So that’s my take on sleeping naked…Wow! Maybe I should have waited until later in the day to write this. I have twelve hours before I hit the hay or anything else.  Cold shower time!

Michael P Coleman is a libidinous freelance writer who also tweets.

4 thoughts on “The (Four?) Benefits Of Sleeping Naked”

  1. This is a funny article! I mean, Mr. Coleman made light of it and shared his take and that’s a good thing!

    Anyway, I do not sleep naked but I do sleep in a onesie – no bra and/or panties. My mother taught me that and she and my dad was together for over forty years. (wink) My mother did not use the term “air out the groceries” but she would say, “Let your pocketbook breathe.” (ROFL!)

    If I slept naked, my spouse would think I had lost my mind but then again, I might just get lucky; luckier? However, the thought of getting in between my sheets with a naked bottom bothers me. (My onesie is long enough not to rise/roll up during the night.) I like baths but I know I would never take one every night.

    Just recently, I heard someone say that sleeping naked helps people lose weight. I forgot the details but when I thought of sleeping naked and awaking naked, it might force me to exercise.

  2. I as a child could not wait to grow up and live on my own to sleep nude. In summer totally Nude and winter bottom half Nude because sheet blanket and comforter warm down there with covers and long sleeve tee shirt because arms out in cooler air.

  3. I get the same reaction from evnyoree. I always wear shorts whatever weather it is. My legs are too long for long pants, they end up 5 inches above my ankle looking funky. I just got used to wearing shorts so I don’t get cold anymore.

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