Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak May Be Close To Reality, Researchers Say


*Would you be interested in a piece of fabric that could render your physical…um, imperfections…invisible to the naked eye?

Don’t front.  You know you would.  So peel off those spanx, EXHALE, and check THIS out!

According to the Huffington Post and the journal Science, we’re on the verge of being able to wrap an invisibility cloak around us a la Harry Potter. And at least one researcher believes that magic fabric of the future should be able to hide bellies, behinds and all KINDS of sins!

Scientists have successfully tested an ultra-thin fabric made of tiny rectangular gold blocks. They wrapped the fabric, only 80 nanometers thick, around small objects with bumps and dents. Its surface rerouted light waves around the object, rendering the objects invisible to the naked eye.

While their experiments thus far have involved cloaking very small objects, researchers believe the emerging technology will soon produce a fabric that could conceal larger objects.

I don’t wanna speak for you, but a “cloaking shirt” that could hide all of THIS belly would HAVE to be able to handle “larger objects”.

Think about it! Decades ago, women burned their bras.  Sistahs soon may be able to toss their spanx away! And I could ease on into Popeyes and pick up a three piece spicy without getting caught — at least until my next doctor appointment.

I’d better stick with the cardio for now, though, as it appears the technology is about five to 10 years ahead of us, according to UC-Berkeley’s Xiang Zhang.

“We do not see fundamental roadblocks,” Zhang says, “but much more work needs to be done.”

“The fact that we can make a curved surface appear flat also means that we can make it look like anything else,” said Penn State University electrical engineering professor Xingjje Ni, the study’s lead author.

Ni said he envisions the technology could eventually be used for military applications, like hiding large objects like vehicles or aircraft — so hiding actual soldiers would be a breeze.

I wondered whether Ni saw the possibility of hiding physical imperfections.  A cloaking mask for the face, maybe?  “All the pimples and wrinkles will no longer be visible,” Ni said.

And the chances of being able to pitch those spanks once and for all? Ni suggested a cloak could be made that could “hide one’s belly.”

BRING IT, Ni!!!!  Now let me back away from the drive-thru at Popeyes…I’ve got to make sure I’m around 5-10 years from now to see this!!

This article was written by freelance writer Michael P Coleman, a recovering junk food addict. Tweet him — especially if you’ve got a secret to hiding that gut.

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