Professor Advises Black Women to Give Up on Black Men in New Book (Watch)


*And yes, he did say it with a straight face.

Stanford University professor Ralph Richard Banks has written a book called “is Marriage for white People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone.” In a video promoting the book, Banks says “It’s time for black women to give up the good fight on marrying a black man.”

The author says black women have been carrying the burden of many of the black man’s struggles, and this is something that they should break free from.

You can imagine all the hell this raised.

In the video Banks says women think they are attracted to black men; and admits they are, but then talks about how “complicated” attraction is.

“One of the things that I discovered in the course of writing this book is that there is a whole host of fears and desires and anxieties that animate the black woman’s attraction to black men,” Banks claims.

What, you ask, does that mean?

Your guess is as good as mine. But in an article Banks wrote for the Wall Street Journal he does mention that 70% of black women are married, but are they married to black men, is the question.

In a CNN segment called, “What Matters,” the question is asked if its time for single, educated black women to look outside of the race for a partner. And apparently, more and more people, black and white, have become more receptive to the idea.

The 5-minute-video features black married couple Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, who run a website called, Black and Married With Kids, begs to differ with the professor. But not for the reasons you might think

Mr. Tyler does make it a point to mention that Banks is married to a black woman. And points out further, that had she taken his advice, that would not be the case.

Following that video, Dr. Boyce Watkins, a fan of the couple, gives his take on Banks’ comment in another video. See this video below.

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