Watch: Inappropriate Notes & Selfies Passed to Second Grader By Teacher (Fire Him or Nah)

Aurora Academy

*Hmm…should we be concerned. As far as Cary Reed is concerned, that is a rhetorical question. This dad grew very concerned after his 7-year-old daughter came home from school with a brow-raising     note from one of the teachers.

Reed’s daughter is in the 2nd grade, but the note came from a 4th grade teacher. There may have been a time when such things would have been considered innocent and harmless; but in this day of wide-spread pedophilia, not so much. The note was passed to Reed’s daughter on the playground, and showed photos of the teacher with his tongue out and referenced the little girl as “stinky butt.”

The girl’s father recalls…

“As I read over the letter, it was concerning since it had the teacher’s face and he was using pet names to refer to her. We felt it was inappropriate and grooming behaviors.”

Uh-huh. We feel you.

And to add insult to injury, the teacher didn’t stop there. He sent ANOTHER note the following day. This time, a poem asking for her “friendship” accompanied by phrases like “you make me smile.”

Why would any adult with good intentions write such a thing to a 2nd grader?


“At that point, we felt like we needed to address it with the school,” Reed said.

Good move. But you won’t like this part. The school did nothing.

Aurora Academy Charter School says it will launch a full investigation, but in an email to Reed one day later said, “(the teacher) understands his behavior was inappropriate. He assures me it will not happen again.”


No word on whether that means case closed. Investigation over.

This is definitely not the response Reed wanted and not the conclusion (if that’s what it is) that he deserves seeing as the teacher still works there.

And in my opinion the school is setting itself up for a potential lawsuit. Imagine this teacher goes on to be inappropriate in an even bigger way, with another student. It’s not like someone won’t say, “We told you.”

FOX news reveals they did a poll asking if the teacher should be fired. 600 people responded, with 91% saying YES. He should be fired.

ThisNthat readers, do YOU feel he should be fired? 

Watch the FOX31 News report directly below.

2 thoughts on “Watch: Inappropriate Notes & Selfies Passed to Second Grader By Teacher (Fire Him or Nah)”

  1. This is the kind of world we live in. Sad!! The man realized it appeared inappropriate. He didn’t think so because it was his way to communicate with kids. Every damn body ain’t a pedophile!! Unless there are other reasons to think so this story shouldn’t have gone this far!! Already the way it’s been presented makes this man sound creepy. And all the other paranoid people want him fired? His life ruined? Totally EFFED up world….

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