OMG! Cat Saves Sleeping Owner on Sinking Boat (Watch!)

man and cat on sinking boat

*Grant MacDonald is one thankful Aussie. He and his yacht, “The Osprey,” had taken to the seas as home for the past six years, but on Wednesday it was his cat, Major Tom, who alerted him when his boat started to sink.

MacDonald tells us exactly what his little hero did to make sure they didn’t go down with the boat.

“He kept head-butting me and got me up, and eventually after checking the wind and doing the normal course check I noticed the bow heavy, heavy in the water … the whole boat was flooded,” MacDonald said, according to Xinhuanet.

And its not like they had many resources.

“It was too dark and too dangerous to enter and try and find a leak. I had to make the quick decision to get the cat and get on the life raft as quickly as possible,” he added.

Hours later the two were found drifting on their life boat, and rescued by a Chinese crew according to People Pets.

“We lifted Major Tom up on a rope, there were massive swells and I had to grab onto the rope ladder and hope for the best, and then the life raft disappeared 10 meters underneath me,” he said. “If I hadn’t been rescued when I had, within four or five hours I would’ve been washed up on shore and killed, so I was very, very lucky.”

Watch the news report on the dramatic rescue below.

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