Daycare Accidentally Leaves 2-Year-Old in Park, Child found Sleeping on Bench

Child left by daycare

*My god. Imagine a daycare center taking a group of children for an outing at the park and then leaving one of them there by mistake.

This is what happened when Quality of Life Daycare in Brooklyn, New York took 16 children including 2-year old Ethan Huachi to a playground in the Sunset Park area on Thursday, but  only returned with 15.

And even more pitiful is the fact that they didn’t discover the mishap until hours later.

The good news is that the child is safe and reunited with his mother. Little Ethan was found by a woman as he slept on the park bench. The kind stranger took him to the 72nd Precinct and authorities used social media to locate his family.

According to what the little boy’s mother, Diana Huachi, told ABC7, the daycare didn’t even realize her son was missing until the police got involved.

“Anything could have happened. Anybody, a psycho could have taken him somewhere and that would have been the last day for me to see him this morning, dropping him off.”

“The child was reunited with the mother in good health and condition and an investigation remains underway,” said a police statement.

Come to find out, this particular daycare has been cited numerous times before, and they are only legally supposed to care for 15 children. On this day, three aides were working and one of them is being investigated.


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