Texas Officer Walks Into Store and Finds ‘Threatening’ Black Lives Matter Message (Watch)


*When a Texas police officer walked into a local convenience store to investigate a matter, he didn’t expect to find a note threatening him and his colleagues on the store’s restroom door.

The handwritten note (scroll down to see it) was scribbled with a black marker and read:

“Shoot the Cops/Oink Oink Bang Bang/Black Lives Matter.”

“I’m pretty disappointed that it was not reported by the actual business itself, and it’s unfortunate to have an officer uncover that,” Austin Police Association President Ken Casady told KXAN-TV. “People are certainly allowed to give their opinion, but when you call for the death of people, that is absolutely not acceptable.” A criminal mischief report has now been filed, according to KXAN.


Of course the authorities couldn’t wait to put the offensive message on the Austin Police Association’s Facebook page on Tuesday prefaced with: “Found in south Austin. Watch your backs.”

“Sometimes police departments do deserve criticism,” Casady offered. “I’m not saying we’re perfect, but you should never, ever call for someone’s death or assassination.”

But here’s the thing. Should the police be so quick to believe that the message actually came from a legitimate member of the Black Lives Matter movement? With so much backlash coming forward from certain people who see the movement as a hate group, which it is not, who is to say the threatening message wasn’t written by someone in an attempt to under-mind it?

And as far as not being reported to the police by the business, did they stop to think that perhaps the message was recent, and the poor guy or gal working the register had not yet seen it?

A comment made below by the Austin Police Chief appears to offer a bit of level-headed sense.

“There’re some people trying to hijack that movement by saying things like ‘we should go kill cops,’ ‘we should just kill white people,’” Austin Police Chief Art  Acevedo, who had recently met with members from the Austin Chapter of Black Lives Matter, told KVUE. “That’s just crazy people,” he continued. “Those aren’t legitimate members of Black Lives Matter.”


A rally with both Black Lives Matter as well as organizers for Police Lives Matter are expected to hold rallies at 10 a.m. Saturday, KVUE-TV reported.

Watch the video report below.

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  1. That’s a bunch of BS, just another attack on the BlackLiveMatter movement and you can tell how the note was written that who ever wrote it was not in touch with the movement but by someone who’s targeting the movement because they just don’t understand it or choose not to.

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