Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says, ‘OK’ to ‘Dislike’ Button…Finally! (Watch)


*Facebook family, there’s news just for you. For years you’ve been clamoring to express your ‘dislike’ of a post by the click of a button. After all, you don’t always have the time to use your words. But FB CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, wasn’t having it. He feared you would misuse such a button, and in turn, cyber-bully anyone or anything you didn’t care for.

So all this time his answer was Nah.

But it appears he, too, has evolved in his thinking. And in turn, is giving you more credit. Bravo all around! Mr. Zuckerberg has decided to step up and give you your ‘dislike’ button. He is hopeful that the button will serve more as an ’empathy’ tool. His reasoning is that people are not necessarily going to misuse it. That there are some posts that a ‘like’ is simply not appropriate for.

Like (pun intended), why would you click on ‘Like’ when someone shares they have lost a relative. That’s just weird, right? Or if someone speaks of a terrible incident like sex trafficking or something.

You want to show your support, but ‘Like’ may not necessarily be the way. You can like the person who posts, but not the issue they are posting about, get it?

Now, before you go propping that finger in anticipation of this new button… Don’t.

Mr. Z. has no exact date in mind for its debut. He just wants you to know “its coming.” Even with all of his money, he’d hate for you to get a cramp in that waiting finger and decide to turn around and try to sue him.

For now…Let him tell you more in the video below.


And visit Fortune for more info.

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