Broke-Ass State of Illinois Refusing to Pay Lottery Winners…SMH

Lottery checks bounce

*No matter how you spin it, this is just NOT a good look for the state of Illinois. Somebody has been dipping in the cookie jar. And lottery winners should not be expected to just shake their head and walk away just because the state can’t afford to pay their lottery winnings. You know the saying, “You’ve got to pay to play?” Well the people paid…in cash, but now the state won’t hold up their end of the deal.

And that’s a darn shame.

The Illinois Lottery is refusing to issue checks to Lottery winners, including the $262 million MegaMillion jackpot winner.

According to state officials, they can’t issue any checks larger than $25,000 because its “not in the budget.”

Could they have shared this little nugget prior to the tickets being sold?

The state of Illinois is in the red for $5 billion, and a new fiscal budget is currently in the works.

And to add insult to injury on this whole thing, Illinois Lottery officials say its not that the money isn’t there  — it is — its just that the “legal authority” to issue the payments is not.


And you know how we are. The moment we realize “the check is in the mail” we start spending, even before it arrives. So you can imagine the debt that has been incurred by folks who have begun to live above their means. Back goes the new car. Cancel the party quick. Take that new outfit to the cleaners before you try to return it unworn.

It’s just one big mess all around!

So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for some of these folks to jump into action. Two of the winners have already filed lawsuits against the state demanding their money — and more for the inconvenience.

“You dream about winning the lottery all your life and it finally happened, and you don’t get paid,” Lottery winner Daniel Chasteen told The Wall Street Journal.

I am sure this is just the start of a long line of lawsuits. That “legal authority” better come correct sooner than later ’cause folks are serious about their moolah. As a matter of fact, listen closely. Can’t you hear them singing Rihanna right now.

Who better have ‘dey’ money?


3 thoughts on “Broke-Ass State of Illinois Refusing to Pay Lottery Winners…SMH”

  1. As a past Head Auditing. I would suggest to do what Jerry McGuire would suggest: “Follow the Money.” I believe that when someone does AUDIT the trail they will FIND THAT “NO MONEY EXISTS.” They have probably lied to everyone. Or NOT. An AUDIT can document what is and what isn’t TRUE. So….IMMEDIATELY, Have an OUTSIDE AUDIT be performed to determine if what THEY say is or is NOT TRUE. Do they really have $$$ or do they have only IOU’s?

  2. Now it has been dropped to any winnings over $600 gets an IOU. I live in Illinois. It is just a matter of time until retailers also quit selling and paying winners since they are not being reimbursed. I also expect the state to file bankruptcy and no one will get anything!

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