Idiot! Man Wasn’t Texting Drug Dealer Like He Thought, He Was Talking With Police

drug text gone bad

*Man, talk about a drug text gone bad. I swear, we don’t make this stuff up. We are not that talented. Just perplexed. How on this green earth can someone make such an ironic mistake. But police say that 29-year-old William Lamberson, from Port Lucie, Florida, thought he was sending a number of texts about drugs to his dealer.

In his first text, which somehow landed on the phone of the Captain of the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, he said he was looking for “green.”

Now the captain, obviously in his own “mama didn’t raise no fool” frame of mind, wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass.

So he kept the conversation going. And decided to ask Lamberson if he knew where he could score some cocaine.

“I actually do man. Lol,” Lamberson allegedly answered. And the two decided to meet up. See Lamberson’s texts below.

Text 1

Text 1

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Text 2


Text 3


Final Text


“Lamberson continued his electronic dialogue, and eventually, a controlled cocaine transaction was underway,” police said.

Lamberson expected it to be an easy transaction on September 1, but when narcotics detectives showed up instead of his dealer, not so much.

Cops shared an image of the moment he was arrested.

Last week, Lamberson was charged with one count of possession of cocaine with the intent to sell and was held in jail on a $40,000 bond.


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