Got a Hangover…Need A Cure? Here’s 5 of Them!


*I know, its the beginning of the week. And you could’ve used this yesterday, following a night of having a little too much fun the night before. But think of it this way, you get a huge jump on next weekend.

You see where I’m going with this right?


OK. Anyway…

Go back to how you felt on Sunday morning, after you went out and partied on Saturday night. If you totally ignored the woozy feeling you had after you downed your third glass of wine. Or the forth shot of tequila you just had to have, these 5 easy to acquire remedy’s are just waiting to serve you.

AVOCADO is one option: You’ve probably got one laying around. Its nice and ripe by now because when you bought it to make fresh and put on those chips, you only needed to use one. Well, you’ve still got the chips (that takes care of the salt craving you may be having, now add some guacamole. Hangover? What hangover!?

Avocados are rich with all that potassium that was depleted from your body by the alcohol. They also have lots of fiber, healthy fats, and B6 vitamins to help get your muscle function back on track and keep sodium at bay.

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