James Blake is Not ‘Over It!’…Says Cop That Took Him Down Should ‘Never Have Gun Again’

Former tennis star James Blake discusses his mistaken arrest by the New York City Police Department during an interview, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, in New York. Video surveillance released Friday of the mistaken arrest shows a plainclothes police officer who has a history of excessive-force complaints grabbing Blake by the arm and tackling him to the ground. (AP Photo/Bryan R. Smith)

*Tennis superstar James Blake is not allowing the situation that happened to him only a few days ago to go down in history…quietly.

He is not trying to take the high road on the Caucasian cop who approached and body slammed him on a New York City street; and never even muttered an “I’m sorry” when he realized he had the wrong dude.

Allow me to say, “Hell no!” on your behalf, Mr. Blake.

“I want him to know what he did was wrong, and that in my opinion he doesn’t deserve to ever have a badge and a gun again, because he doesn’t know how to handle that responsibility effectively,” Blake told the Daily News on Saturday morning. “He doesn’t deserve to have the same title as officers who are doing good work and are really helping keep the rest of the city safe.”

And for the record, this writer calls the responsible, good ones, police officers, otherwise, they’re just “cops.”

Blake opened up one day after police released surveillance video of the incident; which subsequently verified everything he had told the Daily News in an exclusive story posted Wednesday, only two hours after the incident.

In an effort to have meaningful change come from the ugly situation where James Frascatore attacked him as he stood in front of his hotel waiting for a car, Blake is doing exactly what he should: keep talking about it.

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