If a Passenger on the Plane Pee’d on You, Would You Remain Calm?

Jeff Rubin
Jeff Rubin

*Apparently, several passengers that this happened to did.

According to JetBue, some guy just started urinating on his fellow passengers.

I kid you not.

The flight had left Anchorage, Alaska and was en route to Portland, Oregon.

CNN reports that 27-year-old Jeff D. Rubin (pictured above) urinated on fellow passengers, seats and even luggage.

For much of the three-hour flight the man was asleep. But close to 30 minutes before landing “he stood up and began urinating through the crack of the seat onto the passengers seated in front of him,” the police report read.

“At some point Jeff Rubin lost his balance causing him to fall backwards and urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger’s personal belongings,” police said.

There was a reporter on the plane. Suzanna Caldwell from the Alaska Dispatch News was sitting two rows in front of Rubin, and said in spite of what was happening, the cabin remained calm.

“It’s not like anyone was screaming. I didn’t even realize anything had happened until the flight attendants came up to me and told me police were going to come onboard,” she told the Anchorage news.

Upon landing safely, police boarded Flight 47 to find the perpetrator, Rubin, sleeping in his seat.

Dude is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

He faces two misdemeanor charges: criminal mischief and offensive littering. He has been released on his own recognizance.

Let’s just hope, for his sake, he doesn’t try THAT again.


I’m curious as hell to know what my people would’ve done in this situation because clearly, none of us was in the line of fire on this flight.


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