Teen at Childcare Facility Posts Picture of Baby Sucking Her Toe

Childcare facility under fire

*A teen assigned to actually care for a child at a South Carolina childcare facility took severe advantage of her position. For some ungodly reason, she posted a snapshot of a young child in a walker, sucking on her big toe.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the social media picture to land in the eyesight of the 7-month-old child’s parents; who immediately alerted the Gaffney Police Department and filed a report.

And now an investigation on the facility itself is underway. Police are in contact with the South Carolina Social Services and the business licensing department and checking to see if the business is operating under the correct guidelines and regulations.

It is always disturbing when things like this happen. The irresponsible actions of one person actually placing an entire facility, which the community says is well-known and came highly recommended, at risk.

“She is a good person,” Robenae Dewberry, the baby’s grandmother, said of the caregiver. “I didn’t believe it. My daughter called me crying on the phone. That toe could’ve choked him, and he could’ve died from that toe being in his mouth. Who knows how far it was back in his mouth!” she said.

According to the family, the caregiver apologized for the incident and was oblivious to what happened until it was brought to her attention by the baby’s mother.

Readers, especially mothers of young children, have you had any bad situations like this happen with your kids? I am fortunate to say that I did not. “Big Mama” and “Big Papa” were older, African American, and responsible. And the two of them alone, took care of a group of children, without incident.



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