Man Finds Wife Naked In Bed With Her Dad, Who Later Stabs Husband

Henry Allen Michael
Henry Allen Michael

*Good Lord! I’ll say it again, Good Lord!

What in the world is happening? A Pontiac man came home around 3 a.m. to a vision no one could’ve predicted. He entered his bedroom only to find his wife naked in bed with her daddy, Henry Allen Michael of Detroit.

He woke the sleeping man up, they got into an argument which continued outside of the house. And then the dad stabbed the husband in the back.

But wait!

So the police come, but the woman’s father has stolen her husband’s car and is now on the run. The husband, 25, is rushed to the hospital, and thankfully, though a lung may have been perforated, his wounds are not life-threatening.

So the cops talk to the wife and ask her, basically, ‘WTF?’

The wife says that she came home drunk, fell into bed, and that’s all she remembered until her husband woke her up. She did say that she has reason to believe her dad sexually assaulted her.

She was checked out at the hospital and released.

Now back to the dad. He’s a real criminal. Went to prison is 1992 for a robbery; was sentenced to 20 years. Got out in 2012 and was staying at the couples’ home. He got into trouble again in March 2015; plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon, but was only given probation which — was to end this coming January. But at the time of the alleged stabbing, he also had another warrant out for probation violation in Taylor.

Whew! I’m exhausted. You?

Let us just collectively shake our head on this one.

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