Watch: Racist Police Chief Resigns After White Officers File Complaint, ‘He Compared Blacks to Monkeys’

Officer Alex Stone filed complaint against racist police chief
Officer Alex Stone filed complaint against racist police chief

*Now we’re getting somewhere. If white people want to know what they can do to help end racism, they can call it out, in the moment! Hooray for the brave officers of  Clatskanie, Oregon who stepped up to the plate and filed a complaint against the racist police chief who they say compared black people to monkeys following the arrest of a black woman.

When the arrested woman threatened to sue for discrimination, Police Chief Marvin Hoover is said to have imitated a monkey and “beat his chest like Tarzan” after describing the woman as “an animal”.

KOIN 6 became privy to a report in which Officer Alex Stone, a Caucasian, states, “I relayed several of the arrestee’s remarks such as, ‘When you look at me, my black [skin] and my nappy hair, all you see is animal.’”

He added, “Chief Hoover interrupted me and said, ‘That’s what she is.’”

Police chief Marvin Hoover resigned after complaint was filed by a white officer for his racist behavior
Police chief Marvin Hoover resigned after complaint was filed by a white officer for his racist behavior

The report reveals the discomfort of officers Gibson and Stone when the police chief apparently began acting like a monkey, placing his hands under his armpits and scratching them and making monkey noises, according to Stone, who states, “As Chief Hoover was comparing African-Americans to monkeys, I began to become extremely uncomfortable.”

Stone adds,

“I have never been in a work environment where a manager, especially an executive officer, is openly racist.”–Officer Alex Stone

Hoover resigned after being placed on paid leave at the end of August.

This is apparently to the great disappointment of Clatskanie Mayor Diane Pohl, who paid tribute to him in a public letter.

Is it any surprise that both the mayor and the police chief were unavailable for comment?

Officer Stone and his family have now become targets in their Clatskanie community. And for his human decency and courageous action, (not to mention the fact that he even appeared on camera) I hope the people who believe in what he did will stand behind this family and support them; and at the same time put pressure on the city and its mayor for their apparent support of the police chief; and any danger in this family’s path.


Because we take care of people who take care of us. And going straight to the top to remove these racists from their powerful positions is the best way!

We may not all be in Clatskanie, Oregon, so we cannot physically help protect Stone’s family. But we can lend our support for his actions by bombarding City Hall with letters: 95 S. Nehalem Street, Clatskanie, OR 97016

and more immediately by sharing the hashtag:


No info on the woman that was arrested as of this writing.

Watch the KOIN 6 video report directly below.



10 thoughts on “Watch: Racist Police Chief Resigns After White Officers File Complaint, ‘He Compared Blacks to Monkeys’”

  1. Title 6 of the civil rights act states u cannot use taxpayers money to discriminate. Maybe the mayor needs to e reminded of that.

  2. Be proud of yourself Alex, don’t look back. If not racism, the ‘Chief’ should have been reprimanded for acting like an idiot.

  3. ******LET’S BE REAL CLEAR******
    Black lives didn’t matter when we were stolen from our land loaded on ships with nowhere to stand
    Black lives didn’t matter when they hung the sisters over the side of slave ships, to let the sharks chew on them to keep the brothers in terror. . . or when they throw men, women and children overboard who’d died from their diseased-ridden hulls of floating morgues
    Black lives didn’t matter during Red Summer, when the race riots that occurred in more than three dozen cities in the United States during the summer and early autumn of 1919. In most instances whites attacked African Americans. In some cases many blacks fought back, notably in the city of Chicago,Washington, DC and Elaine, Arkansas the greatest number of fatalities occurred, oh don’t mention that you want me to defer ok
    Black lives didn’t matter when our families were torn apart and sold in slavery, oh but you didn’t know about our tremendous bravery
    Black lives didn’t matter when you lynched us from trees, you couldn’t stand the thought of Blacks being freed to decree whatever we wanted to be
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    Black lives didn’t matter when Rev George Lee, Lamar Smith, Emmett Till, Herbert Lee, Martin Luther King, Jr, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Harry & Harriet Moore were assassinated for trying to better the lives of their people, you even murdered others under the church steeple

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    Black lives don’t matter when Fathers, Sons, Mothers and Daughters are being slaughtered, by each other, let me go further and the law too it’s all in the news.

    Black lives don’t matter even dressed in a three piece suit, or educated in the best schools they want us to be seen and not to be heard just remain mute.
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    Black lives don’t matter let’s face the reality we all have change the mentality especially in the hood, stop the killing and robbing look around your neighbors are starving.

    Yes All lives should matter but truly it’s not the case in the human race. So please don’t get it twisted brothers and sisters, or take this out of context we don’t need any more regrets. We have to only look to history what’s happened is no longer a mystery. I speak with no ambiguity so I use this as my ladder to let you know why we have to stand up and say #BlackLivesMatter

    Now brothers and my sisters Black lives will matter when we exercise our economic power because we are the largest consumer of goods. We need to produce more than we consume, or we will continue to experience gloom and doom.
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    Yes, we are entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, politicians, athletes, actors, astronauts, scientists… there’s no end to our tenacity, that’s why we are feared vastly. We know how to hustle unity is truly our muscle.
    Let’s do it the right way vote, encourage others to register to vote all politics is local, so continue to be vigilant and vocal. Organize rallies and peaceful demonstrations like those of our grandparents and parents did not have all of the hateration within. The black on black crimes and murders must cease it’s time for knowledge to increase. Become community activists, lobbyists and lawmakers even movers and shakers. Young people learn to invest your money, because as you know hate is not funny. Please start a business build up your community for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

    Let me be perfectly clear I do not condone violence towards anyone, this movement is too important we have to get done. Let us not do anything that would jeopardize or make this movement less, we cannot afford to digress. We cannot allow any mess ups, we have to be strategic in our purpose, so those who need to understand will not miss our message. In the words of the late godfather of soul James Brown #sayitloudImblackandimproud

    #BlackLivesMatter #time4change

    Again I say #BlackLivesMatter

    Servant of the most High God

  4. I’m glad he spoke out, we need more people to see right vs.wrong reguardless of who the so called head people are.

  5. ALL LIVES MATTER! I stand behind you Officer! Anything you need! ANYTHING!❤️

  6. Very strong, necessary and well composed piece M Lovett. Hope u will publish it. I’d love to put it on my blog contact me there.
    Great humanitarian work on this officer’s part. I hope he will be blessed.

  7. All I have to say is Bravo to both officers and shame on the mayor and police chief. For a long time I thought that racism, to some extent, is exaggerated, but after seeing this, I’m thing, I was wrong. It’s embarrassing to see such poor taste….we are all humans and deserve to be treated as such. It’s 2015…and still some are choosing to act this way.

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