Dying to Be Seen…Has the ‘Selfie’ Become the New Dangerous? (Photos)

Seriously dude. This is NOT cute!

*Taking a selfie used to be totally cool. Especially when its done with family and friends; say to commemorate the holidays (such as the one we just took to celebrate a Labor Day gathering). There was nothing dangerous about it. No one was holding a gun to their head, or standing on a ledge or dangling from a rope high above a bridge.

But people just have to take everything to the extreme. And in the process of showing off, they are dying in an effort to be seen.

Xenia, selfie from bridge, electrocuted

Xenia Ignatyeva, 17, was electrocuted after losing her balance and falling on a cable from a bridge 28 feet high

Deleon Alonso Smith didn't realize the gun he pointed at his head was loaded...before it was too late.

The gun that Deleon Alonso Smith so casually pointed towards his head while taking a selfie went off. He didn’t even realize it was loaded.


Look familiar? This unidentified young man resembles an accident just waiting to happen.

Courtney Sanford selfie while singing Pharrel Williams Happy

Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy.’ I loved that song, too. And played it often while driving. But Courtney took it a step further and her car crashed when she took her eyes off the road for a second to show you just how much.

Others who have died attempting to take a selfie was a man that stood on top of a train; a couple who fell off of a cliff (and their children were watching).

In bringing attention to this issue, I hope it can be eye-opener. We can enjoy showing our friends where we are or what we did while there, without taking the risk of dying in the process, right?

Why even chance it? It’s just not that serious.



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