Warning: Hot Mess! Teen Pulls McDonald’s Worker Out of Drive-Thru Window (Watch)

Holland maybe
Kailin Holland, 17, was arrested Wednesday on felony battery charges after allegedly dragging a McDonald’s worker out of a service window

*Demonstrating what a real hot mess can look like, a teenage girl decided to let her temper get the best of her when she reached into the small window of a McDonald’s drive thru and pulled the female worker out by her hair.

She now face criminal charges while her companions get lighter punishment .

Right now, no one knows what the altercation was about, but the incident happened in LaPlace, Louisiana on Friday, August 28, after three teenagers and a 20-year-old woman drove up and appeared to order food.

But things quickly escalated when, in a brutal and savage display of unbridled rage, 17-year-old Kailin Holland stepped out of the car, stood on the ledge of the driver’s side, and pulled the 16-year-old McDonald’s worker out of the small window. The young victim can be seen hitting her head against the side of the car before falling to the ground.

McDonald's worker inside

McDonald's worker being pulled through window

Screams and a voice yelling, “Get out of the car, Quita” can be heard coming from inside the car, where someone appears to be filming on a cellphone.

It has been reported that after the camera stopped rolling, the other occupants in the car joined Holland, and proceeded to punch the girl repeatedly.

Bradnika Gregoire, 20, one of the women in the car, was given a summons for disturbing the peace for fighting.

An unidentified 16-year-old and 18-year-old Sierra Gregoire were both given a misdemeanor summons for simple battery.

Sierra Gregoire, 18, was charged with simple battery and given a summons.
Sierra Gregoire, 18, was given a summons for simple battery.

Holland, the main perpetrator, shown at the top of this article, was arrested and charged with second-degree battery for pulling the victim out of the window.

Bradnika Gregoire, 20, was given a summons for disturbing the peace.
Bradnika Gregoire, 20, was given a summons for disturbing the peace.

The question here is: Who raised this beast? Her actions are unconscionable and she should be dealt with accordingly.

Am I being too harsh?

WARNING: See the disturbing, viral video below.

Source: 11Alive

Source: Photos of McDonald’s worker, DailyMail

6 thoughts on “Warning: Hot Mess! Teen Pulls McDonald’s Worker Out of Drive-Thru Window (Watch)”

  1. What was they on? people and the pastor’s and all religious leader’s and people better realize, that Satan is pissed off and he is trying his very best to destroy mankind, the bible plainly state that in the last day’s Satan will wear the Saints out, and these preacher’s should be all over this alerting the world to what is going on; demons are real and more and more demon’s are being let lose, pray for your children and love ones in the home and out of home.

  2. Catheryn,
    My family and I were just saying the same thing about praying for not only our families but for others as well. It seems as though each time I turn on the television or read the newspaper, there is a report about some type of violence! (SMH!)

    Satan is always happy when he THINKS he is in control.

    I bet these girls previously had a problem with the victim and purposefully went there to fight.

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