Holy Crap! My House is On Fire…I’d Better Grab My Spareribs! (Video)

Robert Wright

*“They owe me for that one. Ya feel me?”

Yep, we feel you, bruh.

I fell out when I saw this video of a man who some online are calling ‘a hero!’

From what we can gather, a fire broke out in an apartment near the one Robert Wright and his family reside in, in Fresno, California.

Wright found himself hungry at 3 a.m. and decided to through some ribs on the grill. I know, most of us would’ve gotten up and made a sandwich, but hey, apparently dude was really hungry.

In the process of seasoning, and sliding that barbecue sauce in all the right places, Wright looked up and saw a fire break out next door.

“I was barbecuing, man, and I seen some fire just come out the window, man, and the window busted out,” Wright said excitedly, peppering the conclusion of just about every sentence with the word ‘man’ .

“Only thing I think first, man, ‘Make sure them ribs is right’ and I ran over and got my family, man.”

Here’s where the ‘hero’ part comes in.

Wright admits he carried his family to safety first, prior to grabbing his spareribs.

“First thing, I got my kids. Then I thought about my ribs. I didn’t want to let my ribs burn and stuff, ‘cause I take pride in what I do,” he said while he proudly held up his late-night-snack: a glistening rack of well-cooked ribs.

The Tuesday morning interview was captured by Fox affiliate KMPH News and it is quickly approaching viral status.

Wright does admit to suffering some smoke inhalation, but also claims it was not a problem because he already had smoke in his lungs.

Huh? No elaboration on the source of that smoke.

ABC reported that the family where the source of the fire came from was being assisted by the Red Cross.

All joking aside, we pray that everyone is fine.

Watch the hilarious video of Wright speaking below.

Source: Global News

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