Brooklyn Woman Accepts Meager $10K for Cops’ Harassment Over Dead Husband

Death certificate, widow and son of James Jordan
Widow Karen Fennell and her son, James Jordan, Jr. stand at front door where husband’s Death Certificate is taped

*The Brooklyn widow who finally got so frustrated with NYPD officers forcing their way into her space and ransacking her apartment in an attempt to locate her husband, admits her agreement to the meager $10,000 settlement last week was to get them off her back, according to The Post.

Especially in light of the fact that her husband, James Jordan Sr., the man they continue to look for, passed away in 2006, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit she filed last year.

Karen Fennell had become so exasperated at her failed attempts to convince the ransacking officers that her husband had died, she taped her husband’s Death Certificate, along with an obituary from his funeral services,  to the front door in an effort to deter them from breaking in…again.

Fennell opted not to go through the grueling effects of a trial; with the city so vigorously fighting her lawsuit. Their defense was the officers didn’t know that Jordan Sr. had died.

SIDE BAR: No, this should probably read more like, “our officers didn’t BELIEVE that Jordan Sr. had died.”

After all, isn’t this why they kept forcing their way in, even as the widow was informing them of this?

Fennell’s attorney,  Ugochukwu Uzoh, explained the widow’s thinking behind her acceptance of the meager settlement.

“She just did not want to go through a trial,” Uzoh said. “She wanted to resolve the case and move on so she accepted their offer,” which a spokesman for the city’s law department claimed “was in the best interest of the city.”

And if you, reader, are wondering what James Jordan Sr. could have possibly done to warrant such a manhunt.

Sit down because you’re going to need a moment here.

Better yet, let’s start with what he didn’t do. No, he didn’t murder anyone. He didn’t beat some person into a stupor. He didn’t even rob a bank.

James Jordan Sr., who died from diabetes at age 46, was arrested in 1996 for turnstile-jumping.

Yes, he neglected to pay the fare to get on the train…nearly two decades ago.

If you are puzzled as to why, what with all of the serious crimes NYPD has in front of them to chase; not to mention those actually perpetrated by them – they would fixate on a man who committed such a meager act of “criminal activity” this is a thought that was not lost on Jordan’s widow.

“He was a hardworking man, and he took care of eight kids,” Mrs. Fennell said. “It isn’t right for them to be coming after him like this. There’s no reason for it.”




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