Nine-Year-Old Ferguson Girl, Killed as She Did Homework, Buried Saturday

Mourners at funeral services for Jamyla Bolden.
Mourners at funeral services for Jamyla Bolden.

*It’s unfathomable. Absolutely unbearable. Inconceivable to know that an innocent little girl, who did absolutely nothing wrong, suffered such a horrible death as the 9-year-old girl who caught a bullet on August 18, went five shots came through the window of her family home, as she sat on her mother’s bed doing homework.

Audible fits of sorrow rang out on Saturday as tissues were passed along the pews where hundreds of mourners gathered to say ‘goodbye’ to little Jamyla Bolden; whose classmates sang in front of her coffin, through their sobs, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

Jamyla Bolden
Jamyla Bolden

At the service, held at Friendly Missionary Baptist Church, the pastor, Rev. Michael Jones told the little girl’s family that the shooting has “wounded” the whole community, region and country. But added, “We dare not say we experience it in the same way as you.”

The publication also reports that Jamyla’s 34-year-old mother was also wounded.

According to ABC30, 21-year-old De’Eris Marquan Brown of O’Fallon was arrested the day before Jamyla’s funeral service following a week-long search. He is being held on a $750,000 cash only bond. Brown was charged with 2nd degree murder and five other felonies Friday morning.

Marquan is no stranger to crime. He recently plead guilty to 2nd degree robbery charges in St. Charles, and a Judge granted him probation and a 10-year suspended prison sentence. But in March that sentence was lowered.

Jamylas killer
De’Eris Marquan Brown admitted to shooting inside Jamyla’s house.

Jamyla’s shooting re-opens wounds still fresh in Ferguson, following the shooting death of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson.

“We say go to school, get an education … she tried to do all of that,” former Missouri Rep. Betty Thompson said after the service.

Jamyla’s great aunt, Lillie Vinson, acknowledge the community and authorities working together to find her niece’s killer, but added at the beginning of the funeral service, “I hope we just stop all of this senseless shooting. Enough is enough.”

Jamyla (far left) with friends in this 2014 photo.

Rest in sweet peace, little Queen.

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