Allergic to Clothes, Indian Farmer Has Been Naked for 40 Years

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*Apparently, that’s his story and he has stuck to it….for 40 years, I might add! A farmer in northern India claims he has been allergic to clothing since he was a young child. But what’s a man to do? He’s got to work, right? So Subal Barman got over himself a long time ago, and decided that he was not going to let his “condition” dictate his future.

The Indian farmer is now just a part of the community fabric in Rajpur village, in West Bengal, northern India. No double takes from the residents, no SMH’s or tsks…people have become accustomed to the naked farmer.

“From my childhood I could not wear clothes on my skin. It gives me a burning sensation and it’s unbearable,” Barman explains. And not only does putting clothes on his body cause  excruciating pain; he can’t even sleep under bed sheets or covers!

Barman, 43, was diagnosed with the rare skin condition at age five by a local doctor, and again when he turned 17. And because he is poor, medical treatment at this point is out of the question. Thus, he has accepted his reality and is thankful that his community supports him.

“My neighbours have fortunately got used to me, they think it’s normal and never complain. They know I’ve had this issue for years so they leave me be and do not tease me,” he tells the Asia Press.

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And if you are wondering how Barman’s condition affects his social activities.

It doesn’t. He refuses to let it, and as a result he has attended weddings, parties and even attended service at the local temple — in the buff.

Yep! That’s quite a visual, right?

But while there is a certain freedom, if you will, in not having to wear clothing; Barman admits the elements of weather, especially certain seasons, are problematic.

“I have to take baths several times a day in the summer because my skin is too sensitive to the heat,” he said.

“I can’t cope with the prickly sensations, water is the only thing that helps.’

And you wouldn’t be human if the burning question about how his condition has affected dating, sexual relations and his views on whether he will get married, is lurking in that mind of yours.

Because its in mine too!

Barman is single and lives alone. His father died when he was a child and his mother passed away in 2003. He believes his condition is definitely the reason that he is still a bachelor. And from the sound of things, will probably remain one.

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“What woman could marry a man who has this kind of problem?” the farmer asked. “No family will allow their daughter to marry me. I know I’m an embarrassment but I have no choice. This is the life I have to live. I know I’ll be alone forever – this is my destiny. But being sad or depressed about it cannot reduce my problem.”

Visit The Mirror to hear what the British Skin Foundation states about Subal’s condition, and how he has come to terms spiritually, with what he calls his destiny.

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