Louisiana Man States, ‘I’ve Never Had a Racist Bone in My Body’…But Don’t Tempt Me! (Watch)


*The headline quotes a bearded Louisiana white man who is up in arms because a community is attempting to move forward with plans to rename a half-mile stretch of road after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The self-proclaimed ‘not racist’ man says if this plan does manifest, it will force him to reveal his “racist ways.”


In a video clip from a St. Bernard Parish council meeting posted by NOLA.com, the man states “I’ve never had a racist bone in my body. I’ve worked for a bunch of ’em, been in their houses, been in a lot of your guys’ houses,” said the bearded white man who was not identified. “But if you keep pushing me I will show you my racist ways.”

Wonder what he means by that.

He also made other disparaging comments. Like  Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans, can “go to hell” and “praise the Lord for (Gov.) Bobby Jindal.”

Talking Points Memo reports that someone else said if the street name was changed to reflect that of Dr. King, the road would lead to crime.

The 'not racist' man, we presume...
The ‘not racist’ man, we presume…

“If you look around the world, every Martin Luther King Boulevard is crime-ridden and drug-ridden. Why the hell would we want that in this parish?” the unidentified speaker said. “Martin Luther King was a great man, and all the streets that are named after him does not reflect the content of that man’s character.”

So let us see if we have this right. You have personally researched the behavior on every street or road named after Martin Luther King?

Local NAACP chapter president, Rev. Kevin Gabriel, tried to talk sense into the people; saying that the work of Dr. King was for all people, and renaming the street was not a racial issue,  according to NOLA.com. “And we need something down here to speak to what he did for everyone here and for everyone in the United States of America.”

The New Orleans Advocate reported that 28 of the 34 homes on Colonial Blvd. supported the name change.

The council, which is all white, voted unanimously against the proposal.  

Watch the video showing the ‘festivities’ below.

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