Racist Flyer of Klansman Pointing Gun at Black Kid Hopes to Get ‘Us’ Really Riled Up

klansman point gun at black boy

*This picture has been around for a good minute, but that’s no reason to dismiss it. After all, some hateful lack of real manhood went through an awful lot of trouble to create it; so my guess is he/they would like a response. Of course they would prefer to get a rise out of black folk. They want to get our blood boiling.

You see, this carefully orchestrated work was done by someone with not a damn thing else to do. Someone with a pitiful, hateful, white-trash kind of ignorance who wants black folk to feel the same self-depreciation that he does. So, in this painting of a cop (somehow the word police officer just sounds too good) seen hiding behind a Klansman’s hood, pointing his gun at a black child who is wearing a hoodie. The child is holding out a bag of skittles, as if offering it to the cop. In the background is a Confederate flag.

OK “artist,” now tell us something we don’t know. You have a disdain for black people. Yeah, we get it.

But here’s the thing: at the end of the day. You are no more of a man. In other words, people are still going to see you as a punk-ass b*tch.

Oh yes, I know some of our people will unwittingly give you the pleasure you seek. Like Ms. Monique Whigman from Southfield who said,

“It’s ridiculous. It’s horrible. It’s 2015, why are we still going through this?”

Her intelligence won’t allow her to wrap her mind around your ignorance.

Another of your fliers apparently show candidates running for office. It says, “Let’s get the Blacks out of Southfield in November.”

Hey, good luck with that. But here’s fair warning: Black folks are tough. I know them well. They won’t give you the satisfaction of leaving.


It appears the greater good disagrees with your bad taste. The City of Southfield even released a statement saying so.

That must really piss you off!

“The City of Southfield is proud to be a diverse community that is inclusive of all people. Southfield elected officials, staff and residents of numerous ethnic and religious backgrounds work effectively together every day to maintain the high quality of life that we have all come to expect and appreciate. No Southfield elected officials or staff condone this type of negative, deconstructive and harmful propaganda that is both unfounded and untrue.

Our community is strong, inclusive and celebrates diversity,” commented Mayor Donald Fracassi. “We as a community are appalled that this type of reprehensible material has been distributed. We stand together unified as Southfielders against racism of any kind. This type of material does not represent Southfield or the views of our residents who live peacefully together in harmony from virtually all walks of life.

‘For the past 50 years, the city of Southfield has been an exemplary example of diversity and cultural inclusiveness,’ added Council President Sylvia Jordan. ‘Southfield is a wonderful melting pot of families from all cultures who are seeking a great place to call home. It is personally heartbreaking to me to see that someone thinks so little of our community, and our progress, that they would take it upon themselves to attempt to create this false divide.’”

Ho hum, back to the drawing board or, here’s a thought… you could just drop dead.

See the video report about the racist flyer below.


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