‘And Another Thing’…Man Tries to Dig Up Dad’s Grave to Argue (Watch)

Michael May admits to digging up his father's grave to argue with him.
Michael May admits to digging up his father’s grave to argue with him.

*I kid you not! Apparently the argument was not over and this son had more to say. So he attempted to dig his father’s grave up and finish the conversation, according to a report.

Is it any surprise that this Kentucky man is now behind bars?

WKYT.com reports an officer saw Michael May, 44, digging up a grave at a cemetery in Sanford, Kentucky, on Monday evening, and he was arrested.

May actually admitted to the arresting officer that he was trying to dig up the grave of his father so he could argue with him, according to WAVE3.com.

As you can surmise, the man couldn’t have been wrapped too tight; a point that didn’t escape the arresting officer, who said May appeared to be intoxicated and quoted Bible verses when confronted, according to Central Kentucky News.

May was charged with violating graves, public intoxication and marijuana possession. He was locked up and put in the Lincoln County Jail.

Reporter Josh Breslow said that May told him in a jailhouse interview with WLEX18 that it was a bible verse that inspired him to dig up his dad in the first place.

Breslow: “Do you feel that you were violating a grave?”

May: “No, no. I see the truth.. he needs to be on the ground. Not under it.”

May says his dad died 30 years ago. There are 13 people with the name May at the cemetery. No one knows if the person May was digging up at the time was his father or not.

Take a look at the video report below.


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