Sicko: Teen Kills Mother, Throws Party With Body in House

Teen kills mother

*I’m just gonna say it: This is the kind of sick mess that makes you want to grab somebody and whip the living sh*t out of them. That somebody being the 16-year-old that couldn’t hold his temper long enough to think of any better way to settle an argument with his  35-year-old mother than to strangle and stab her 100 times.

According to police, this is what Kit Darrant did.

Then, this same sicko, covered his dead mother’s body in sheets and blankets and kept it lying on the floor of her bedroom for eight days; dousing it periodically with Gain detergent to cover the smell.

The 16-year-old student who attended school at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade County, lived it up in the meantime: playing hookie, using money he took from his mother’s purse to go shopping, and even throwing a party; all while caring for his then 3-year-old brother.

In court more than three years later, he had the bold-faced audacity to stand before a judge and say, “The man that I am now is not the boy that I used to be. Actions speak louder than words, and I intend to prove that to you.”

Really? And what may I ask, caused this change for the better? 

Gag me. You’re the same lowlife asshole now as you were then. And any judge needs to throw the book at you for life.

Unfortunately, Darrant got off with 28 years.

If "sorry" had a look, this would NOT be it!
If “sorry” had a look, this would NOT be it! Kit Darrant and lawyer, Tara Kawass, sit in court before pleading guilty to murdering his mother.

He plead guilty on Friday to second-degree murder for killing his mother, Renette Emile, in March 2012.

In court, a prosecutor admitted that the plea deal, which includes an additional 20 years probation after he gets out of prison, along with mental health and drug treatment, will spare his younger brother and aunt from having to relive the gruesome facts of the case at trial.

“The murder of Rene Emile was tragic and Mr. Darrant publicly apologizes for his actions and the immense pain they have caused others. This deal is equally beneficial to both sides. It allows this young man to repay his debt to society yet still have a second chance at life,” said his lawyer, Christopher DeCoste.

OK, so we see how the deal benefits HIM. Remind us again how it benefits the family.

Is it fair that this man gets a second chance, when his young brother has no mother, and that young mother gets no more chances? 

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