Apple Puts Promise to Hire More Minorities, Women in Action: Diversity Doubled Since 2014


*According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company has doubled the number of women and minorities on staff since 2014. On Thursday, he made the announcement that in the last year, 35 percent of the company’s new hires were women, and 24 percent were either Black or Latino. This after previous reports revealed a glaring lack of both in the giant retailers Silicon Valley headquarters.

But these impressive numbers, that really only show a 1 percent increase of all the women and minorities in the company, are dimmed next to the reality that Apple is still overwhelmingly White and male.

A reality admitted to openly by Cook. 

“Diversity is critical to innovation, and it is essential to Apple’s future,” Cook said in a statement. “We aspire to do more than just make our company as diverse as the talent available to hire. 

Of course Apple is not alone in this deficiency. Last month a number of tech giants released stats that revealed their workforce demographics. These reports showed that only 4 percent of Intel’s employees were Black, and Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Twitter had workforce’s that poorly reflected diversity as well, with only 2 percent Black. 

Apple diversity hiring

Apple’s $50 million initiative, announced last March, demonstrates an impressive effort by the company to diversify the technology landscape and increase the number of minorities in tech jobs. 

The question here though is, why must there be this huge financial investment just to look for and hire quality Black people, who are out there, ready and willing to work?

Perhaps one of the answers lie in civil rights activist Jesse Jackson’s request, that these companies prioritize contracting with female- and minority-owned companies…on the regular, I might add.

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