NYC Pizzeria Claims They Meant ‘No Offense’ By New ‘Pic-A-Nika’ Pizza

pic a nika

*Surely you jest, might be your first thought after hearing that a New York pizzeria is surprised by the backlash they are getting from Black Folk who are highly offended by their new racist pizza.

But Pizza by Certé in Manhattan claims they are. And has apologized profusely…though they will not remove it from the menu because it’s a crowd favorite, reports Raw Story.

And we all know that money talks.

The “Pic-a-Nika” pizza is topped with “Southern fried chicken, sea-salted watermelon, arugula, goat cheese, ricotta and bleu cheese on a sunflower seed crust.”

Now sidebar: Let’s play along for a sec: If saying the name of the pizza out loud, and then looking at the ingredients of fried chicken and watermelon, is supposed to make us think their racism was unintentional, the only other alternative is that they are mentally challenged.

Of course people went ballistic online; where the old urban legend that the word “picnic” originated from the term “pick-a-ni**er” was brought up as a reminder that white people would make an event out of “picking a ni**er” to lynch.

But Pizza by Certé manager insists the name was meant as a play on words; and says its how Italians would pronounce the word ‘picnic’. They claim they had no idea that a pizza named “Pic-a-Nika” — topped with fried chicken and watermelon — was racist.

 I say “No. You’re a damn lie. And further, you must think the public are real idiots to believe you.”

And even if we were to entertain their explanation about being a play on how Italians pronounce the word picnic…Italians would not have used the “a” at the end…The sound would have been a “K.” This coming from a former New Yorker who lived in Little Italy in the Bronx and ate a lot of pizza while hanging out with Italians.

Jus’ sayin’…

But here’s the apology posted by Pizza by Certé on Facebook, anyway:

“To the people of New York City and to those who were offended by the sign. And specifically and especially to the Black Community, we are (gravely,deeply, truly) sorry.”

“When we named the pizza “Pic-a-Nika” we disrespected an entire community, perpetuated a hurtful ideology and brought embarrassment to ourselves. In a time and climate when words carry so much change, we chose beyond poorly and cannot erase or ignore the damaging effects it has caused. It’s tough to think that we did something so HURTFUL. We made a shameful mistake. Once again, we are sorry.”

Sure. You can believe that if you want to but…


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