Different Rules in Paraguay, Abortion for 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Denied

Rape victim, 11 years old

*Well this is a story that just might make you appreciate living in the good ole U.S.A. At least you have a choice when it comes to bringing a life into the world here. But in the country of Paraguay, not so much.

The mostly Catholic country has strict laws when it comes to abortion; and proved it recently when an 11-year-old girl from Asunción, who had allegedly been raped by her stepfather, was the latest child to give birth after being denied her right to have an abortion.

Paraguay officials will only allow an abortion if the pregnancy is considered life-threatening.

The girl’s mother had taken her to the hospital in April because she complained of having stomach pains.But soon after, the girl’s stepfather,  Gilberto Benitez Zárate, 42, was arrested and charged with rape and abuse of a child.

After denying the charges brought against him, he demanded a DNA test to prove his innocence. The girl’s mother was also arrested, and in May, she was charged with child neglect and complicity; but released on bond in June while the charges are pending.

However, the mother says she is the one who placed the report and sought help in 2013 and doesn’t see why she is being charged. She told CNN , “I was the one who reported all of this, asking for justice to be done and hoping that something would be done, but prosecutors dismissed the case. Otherwise, this would have never gotten to this point.”

But Paraguayan Health Minister Antonio Barrios tells CNN a different story. One that has neighbors reporting the abuse, and the mother denying accusations against her husband.

An abortion is what the mother wanted for her daughter, but Health minister Antonio Barrios defends his country’s decision not to comply; while Amnesty International stands in support with the mother.

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