Toddler Dies After Following Dad into Burning House


House where child died following dad

*When a severe storm in Sharon, Pennsylvania cut the power in Terry Thomas’ home it was an inconvenience he and his family was at the very least, prepared for; with candles ready to place around the house. But unfortunately, one of them fell over and caused the house to go up in flames.

Upon seeing this, Thomas grabbed his 3-year-old son, Layden, and rushed him outside. He then ran back into the house to get his wife, their infant, and 5-year-old daughter.

Little did he know that Layden was right behind him. 

In all the confusion of running back and forth, the family members crossed paths and they didn’t find Layden until it was too late.

“I was outside with my newborn baby and my oldest daughter, and she was running across to the neighbor’s house, and Layden was right by my feet, and I’m trying to call the police while I take care of them, and I just glanced away for a second and he ran back in the house,” Layden’s mother, Brittany Smith, told WPXI.

The child was later found under a bed in the home. His death was most likely due to smoke inhalation.

“It’s unimaginable…I did my best, I got him to safety,” said the boy’s father. “I chalk it up as this is what God wanted, God had it in his will. There’s nothing we could do. We did our best, and I’m not going to grieve or feel bad like I could have done more. I can’t question the what ifs.”

My heart goes out to this family. And I am sure yours does too. Not only have they suffered an irreplaceable loss; they have lost all of their material possessions. If you can afford to donate to them for the burial of little Layden, and give them the chance to rebuild their lives, the “Layden Thomas Memorial Fund” has been set up at Citizens Bank in Hermitage. You can call the bank at (724) 983-0500 for more information.


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