‘LivesMatter’ Hashtag Seems to Be Expanding, This Photo in Particular Went Viral

His Life Matters
Officer Donald Givens (L) and Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones (R)

*It all started with #Blacklivesmatter. The hashtag that came about in honor of the nearly incalculable number of Black Lives already taken; and those yet to be.

Then African Americans on Twitter went ballistic after celebrated black author, Terry McMillan, expounded upon the moniker with  “#Alllivesmatter” – and she was accused of diminishing the importance of the singular race, by including all of the human race.

Add to that, this latest Hashtag. A photo showing two police officers standing side by side: one black, the other white, with palms facing us; showing the message : “His Life Matters”…completed by an ‘arrow’ that points towards each man.

The photo was originally tweeted by the Trinity Police Department, and shows Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens.

The picture was posted on May 6, but didn’t gain momentum until American Conservatives of Color , a political group, posted it on their Facebook page Monday.

The Black Lives Matter website states they are, “an ideological and political intervention; we are not controlled by the same political machine we are attempting to hold accountable. In the year leading up to the elections, we are committed to holding all candidates for Office accountable to the needs and dreams of Black people. We embrace a diversity of tactics. We are a decentralized network aiming to build the leadership and power of black people. We do not endorse any political party and we are not supported by any political party. Our political aims we’ve stated clearly.”

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