Cops in Texas Suspect Woman Has Weed, So They Check Her Vagina (in Public!)

Charnesia Corley says she felt degraded and humiliated at police search.
Charnesia Corley says she felt degraded and humiliated at police search.

*Well we’ve heard of strip searches, but cops in Texas took a search for marijuana on one woman way too far. These days, with some law enforcement appearing to make up their own rules as they go, the lines are often blurred when it comes to what is permissible and what is not.

I’m thinking checking for drugs in a lady’s private parts…in a public place, to boot, falls into the latter.

Yet that didn’t stop cops from taking their badge for granted when they searched 21-year-old Charnesia Corley; who was stopped on June 21 in Harris County, Texas for allegedly…wait for it… passing a stop sign.

Stating he smelled marijuana coming from her car, the male deputy officer proceeded to handcuff Corley and had her sit in the back of his patrol car.

After searching the woman’s vehicle and coming back empty-handed, the officer complained that his car now smelled of weed and told Corley she would have to submit to a body search.

A female officer was called to the scene to conduct the search. And making bad matters even worse, the search was done in a public parking lot – which made Corley hesitant so she did not give her consent.

“She tells me to pull my pants down. I said, ‘Ma’am, I don’t have any underwear on.’ She says, ‘Well, that doesn’t matter. Pull your pants down,’” Corley told ABC News affiliate KTRK.

Police documents show Corley’s hesitation as resisting the search.

“I bend over and she proceeds to try to force her hand inside of me. I tell her, ‘Ma’am, No. You cannot do this,’” said Corley.

Corley’s attorney, Sam Cammack, said a search of this magnitude in a public place without consent is a breach of his client’s civil rights.

“I feel like they sexually assaulted me! I really do. I feel disgusted, degraded, humiliated,” Corley told KTRK, noting that she is filing a complaint against the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s Internal Affairs Division. 

Harris County Sheriff’s spokesperson Thomas Gilleland, disagrees. He stated the deputies did no wrong.

Though Corley was found to have a very small amount of marijuana on her (the documents did not say they were in her private area), that does not automatically give purpose to a cavity search in a public place.

She was charged with two misdemeanors: possession of .02 ounces of marijuana and resisting arrest.

 At the end of the week, we will speak with those who know the rules of law enforcement and our civil rights to explore how a situation like this is allowed to happen as part of our new series, “Our Black Community vs. Their Rogue Cops.”


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