Just Let it Flow: Not Even Her ‘Period’ Stopped Her from Running Marathon

Courtesy of Kiran Ghandi
Courtesy of Kiran Ghandi

*It’s a scenario that takes no prisoners. Just like the question posed in the Eminem song…if you had one shot. One opportunity. To seize everything you every wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it?  Or just let it slip?

Well, Kiran Ghandi didn’t let it slip, but she did let it flow.

Her period that is. The 26-year-old Harvard Business School graduate had been practicing for an entire year to participate in the 26.2 mile marathon in London. And she admits she did consider dropping out because she knew that she would start her cycle on that day. But in the end, she just said, “Oh well.” And went for it.

She finished the run in 4:49:11. 

Ghandi, who, catch this: just completed a concert tour as drummer for M.I.A., even shared her experience to let it flow on her personal website and on Medium.


She also interviewed with Cosmopolitan.com about making the choice (Scroll down for an excerpt of the interview).

And as if you needed proof of her, er, courageous decision; just check out the picture below, where she stands (smiling shyly) between two other runners.

Courtesy of Kiran Ghandi
Courtesy of Kiran Ghandi

Below is an excerpt from the Cosmopolitan.com interview.

You wrote that you had never run while you were on your period before this. How did you manage to avoid it when you had trained for the marathon for a full year? It’s very painful whenever I get my period. Usually, I’m out for a day. I take a lot of medicine and maybe will go to class and hope for the best. But it’s extremely painful and sometimes I even miss class. For that reason, the running has never proven to be a good idea. I made sure to train right before or a couple days after but absolutely not on the first or second day of my period. 

This couldn’t be a woman interviewer asking this next question. But here it is.

 Can you describe what the pain is like when you’re on the first day of your period? I can’t believe we’re doing this! OK, it’s good! On the first day, I definitely feel nauseous. I feel extreme pain in my stomach. It feels very debilitating. It’s as if someone put a knife in my guts. It feels very intense, very sharp. It’s usually right in the morning, so I wake up to it. I make sure I have Midol near me. I always have to eat a lot because if I don’t eat and take the medicine, it makes me feel nauseous. Because everybody else is going through it and doesn’t seems to be talking about it and seems to be doing fine, you think that you’re the weak link. You just kind of suck it up. But that’s the pain that I feel. 

So it must have been really nerve-racking when you realized you were about to get your period on the day of your marathon. It was. It was really scary. I though, Aw, man, I’m probably not going to be able to run it because I haven’t ever and I don’t want to hurt myself. I didn’t really have good information about what happens when you run on your period. For example, they tell you that for men, their nipples will bleed because of the chafing between their shirts and their skin. I worried that a tampon might have the same effect. Granted, that might have been ignorant because people run completely fine, but 26 miles is different than just, like, three or four.

Read more of Ghandi’s interview here: Source

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  1. Since she knew that she would be on her period, why not just wear a sanitary pad? Duh! This chick is nasty!

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