FBI Nabs Young, Pretty, Educated Sista that Attempted to Join ISIS (Update!)



*Whoa. This is not your typical girl next door. And this story will definitely boggle your mind. A young African American woman and her boyfriend (both college educated and living in Mississippi), have been arrested after conversing online with an FBI agent that they thought was an ISIS member who could assist them in the journey to Syria to work for the terrorist organization.

The details on the government’s criminal complaint (access below) show that Jaelyn Delshaun Young  of Vicksburg offered to assist the foreign terrorist organization (ISIL) as a medic to the injured. And says her boyfriend,  Mohammed Dakhlalla of Starkville, who she plans to marry once they arrive in Turkey before crossing into Syria, is skilled in media and computers.

(Note: In one Twitter message Young admitted that Dakhlalla is a “travel brother” that she would have to marry in order to travel “without an escort.” So the assumption may be that the relationship is not a romantic one.)

I’ll give you a sec to try and wrap your brain around this one. And when you do, can you come over and help me do the same? 

OK, we realize getting a good paying job here at home is challenging, but you want to work for ISIS? A known terrorist group that loathes America?

But we also know that this is about much more than a job.

Young has admitted, in so many words, to her belief and allegiance to the beliefs of the group; and even goes so far as to admit her denouncement of friends and family members who do not feel the same.


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Young had attended Mississippi State with plans to become a doctor, and was an honor student in high school prior to this, was located by the FBI in May 2015 on Twitter. She, along with her boyfriend, were detained by federal authorities at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport over the weekend. They appeared at a court hearing in Oxford on Monday, where it was revealed that their plan to leave America for Syria–byway of Turkey–had been in motion for close to a year.

J Young, ISIS2

In a hearing on Tuesday morning, the pair was denied bond

FYI: The acronym ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant; which is also known as ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Read the Government’s Criminal Complaint in its entirety here.

UPDATE FROM TUESDAY’S COURT HEARING: It was revealed that Young, the daughter of a Mississippi police officer, was the “mastermind” behind the plan to join ISIS.

In court on Tuesday: U.S. Magistrate Judge Allan Alexander told the couple …they had been raised in a sheltered manner that hadn’t given them a real perspective on the kind of life they were asking for and stated further,

“I’ve had a lot of cases in court that were people who were desperate and born without having a chance of ever being anything other than defeated,” she said. “I’ve seen people who were desperately mentally ill, and some where people were just mean.

“And I’ve seen a few cases where people were given every opportunity and blew it. These two bright young people with everything in the world to look forward to, citizens in the freest country in the world, with parents who sacrificed everything to make them the best life possible, and both sets of parents had the challenges that face minorities. They paved the way for these two, who have no criminal history. They are extremely bright, extremely well educated, extremely strong family networks…

“I honestly believe the relative life of privilege has insulated them from the actual reality of what they were doing. I’m quite sure they would have found a life very different than what they thought.”

The couple was turned over to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Watch the video with updates on Tuesday’s court hearing via USA Today here.


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